Film of the Book: High Fidelity

I’ve seen bits and pieces of this film before, and I’ve always meant to watch it, but it’s taken me until now to actually do it. I know it’s a bit of a cult classic, but, honestly, I can’t see why. It’s not that it was bad so much as it could have been better. Certainly I prefered the book (but don’t I always?). I suppose you can say at least the film was close to the book, but I think it could have achieved something the book never could simply by being a genre of sound. Music is such an essential element to the story that it really should have been a stronger element in the film. I can’t say I really came out of it thinking about the music though (and when music is used well in a film I always come out thinking that I want to own the soundtrack), except maybe for the song Jack Black sings at the end.

And lets be honest Jack Black completely stole the show. It makes me think that maybe Jack Black should only really play lead roles. He’s such a strong character he pretty much overshadows anyone else on screen. He was well picked for the role but maybe just a bit to well picked!

I wouldn’t say don’t see it, just don’t go in with high expectations

Buy it:

Film (£3.69)

Book (£6.02)


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4 responses to “Film of the Book: High Fidelity

  1. booketta

    I read the book and it wasn’t my favourite Nick Hornby. My son has kept on at me to see the film and I managed 10 mins max. John Cusack is usually good though.


  2. Lucybird

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who wasn’t really into it


  3. I actually liked the movie better though the book was enjoyable. It’s been some time since I’ve seen it. I loved Jack Black–such a scene-stealer 😀


  4. Lucybird

    Jack Black is by far the best part of the film. He generally is (have you seen Rock School? Totally Jack Black in his element), he just tende to overshadow anyone else on screen


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