The Waterstone’s 11 (2012): Shelter

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Shelter by Frances Greenslade

Synopsis (from Waterstone’s)

Maggie’s father is ‘Mr Safety’. He knows the woods of Duchess Creek in Northern Canada like the back of his hand, and he has taught his daughter how to survive, how to find and make a shelter in all weathers, in any conditions. Along with her sister, Jenny, and their mother Irene, they are safe from the outside world. But when an accident at work goes fatally wrong, Irene struggles to look after her daughters alone. Wild, imaginative and unpredictable, she billets the two girls with a family, promising to return once the summer is over and she has earned more money. But the summer turns to winter, which rolls round again and again. When the letters stop, the two sisters realise that they can rely on no one but themselves – but what kind of shelter can two young girls make for themselves?

Initial Thoughts

As with The Art of Fielding this book has already been published (I should have got around to reading this samples sooner!). I haven’t heard so much about this one although I have seen it around. The synopsis makes the book sound like it has some potential but the extract didn’t really hold my interest. I liked the tone a fair bit, it reminded me of When God Was a Rabbit (which was on the Waterstone’s 11 list last year) which I had really enjoyed. I do tend to like books which are written in the first person and, as with When God was a Rabbit. this one was told in the voice of a child.

I may be able to be persuaded to pick this one up but as it stands I can’t say I am that bothered to be honest.

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