Untying the Knot- Linda Gillard

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A wife is meant to stand by her man. Especially an army wife. But Fay didn’t. She walked away – from Magnus, her traumatised war hero husband and from the home he was restoring: Tullibardine Tower, a ruined 16th-century tower house on a Perthshire hillside.

Now their daughter, Emily is getting married. But she’s marrying someone she shouldn’t.

And so is Magnus…


I seem to be making a lot of Linda Gillard related postings recently don’t I? There’s no particular reason. I like Gillard’s work, and 3 of her books are only available on Kindle so once I got my Kindle they were pretty much top of my list of stuff to buy (it helps that they are cheap too!).  This is one of those 3 (The others I have already reviewed; House of Silence, and, A Lifetime Burning).

I must admit as far as Linda Gillard books go I found this one a little to predictable. I guessed early on at the main twist in the tale, although there were also certain bits I didn’t guess at.  I generally liked the characters. At least I liked Fay well enough, but I liked her (ex)mother-in-law the most and would actually have liked to see more of her. I didn’t really like Magnus that much but in a way that was part of his charm, and by the end I was gunning for him.

It’s an easy read so good for a relax but if you asked me to recommend a Linda Gillard book it wouldn’t be this one.


Buy it:

Kindle (£0.86)


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4 responses to “Untying the Knot- Linda Gillard

  1. Is it bad that I can’t remember if I bought this or not? I loved Star Gazing. House of Silence was enjoyable enough but found some of it a little unbelievable. I definitely have more of her books hidden somewhere.


  2. Lucybird

    I would put A Lifetime Burning as your next read by her. It’s my favourite.


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