Sing You Home- Jodi Picoult

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Zoe Baxter has spent ten years trying to get pregnant, and just when she’s about to get her heart’s desire, tragedy destroys her world. In the aftermath of loss and divorce, she throws herself into her career as a music therapist. Working with Vanessa, she finds their relationship moving from business, to friendship, and then – to Zoe’s surprise – blossoming into love. When Zoe allows herself to start thinking of children again, she remembers that there are still frozen embryos that she and her husband never used.

But Max, having sought peace at the bottom of a bottle, has found redemption in an evangelical church, and Zoe needs his permission to take his unborn child . . .

SING YOU HOME is accompanied by a soundtrack of original songs created for the novel by Jodi Picoult and Ellen Wilber.


I have been struggling with my current paper book (1Q84…although apparently a rest was all I needed) so I thought it would be a good idea to try an old favourite, as it were. Sing You Home has just come out in paperback, and I had been waiting for it anyway so when I spotted it half-price at WhSmiths I had to snap it up.

I’ve found Jodi Picoult’s writing a little up-and-down lately. Handle with Care is a relatively recent one and it’s my favourite, and I enjoyed House Rules but I was less than impressed by Second Glance and wasn’t that keen on Picture Perfect. Add to that the publishers recent tendency to re-release obviously old novels and you can see why I was a little anxious when it came to reading this one.

Luckily is seems that Picoult is on form with this one. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it as much as some of her other work but it was certainly up to her usual standard. I found it very clever how Picoult managed to make the reader almost want both sides of the party to ‘win’. I really liked Zoe and Vanessa but I liked Max too. I guess I could say I saw both sides of the story and although I ultimately came down on Zoe and Vanessa’s side I didn’t want Max to loose out and I really could see where he was coming from. Considering Picoult has a gay son (this is mentioned in the notes for the book) it seemed almost professional that she was able to present Max’s side.

There was one little niggle I had though and that was to do with how Max’s legal team handled his case. Now I am no legal expert, but even I could see that there was a better way to fight his corner.


Buy it:

Paperback (£3.86)

Hardback (£11.66)

Kindle (£4.99)


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5 responses to “Sing You Home- Jodi Picoult

  1. This book is still in my wish list. Hope to be able to get my hands on this soon.

    Anyway, I didnt like Second Glance. The rest of her books were ok


  2. Lucybird

    It had just been released in paperback and was half price so I thought why not. I didn’t listen to the soundtrack yet though, and maybe I should have


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