Protect the Internet

You may or may not have noticed that my blog was blacked out yesterday. This was part of WordPress’ campaign again SOPA and the PROTECT IP acts.

I am not going to go into some long spiel because I think you can probably get the information better elsewhere but I will give a quick outline.

SOPA is designed to stop illegal sharing of copyright materials. Whether or not you think this should be illegal or not there are already acts which protect copyright online. The problem with SOPA is how far it goes, and a lot of what it could effect are innocent sites. Places like blogs, fansites, social sites, and even search engines. Basically anything which displays copyright material would be blocked or sued. Ever taken a video while a piece of music is playing? With SOPA you could be sued for putting it on facebook. Used a picture from a book cover on your blog…not with SOPA. When it comes down to it it’s just censorship.

To sign a petition against SOPA you can click the banner on the right hand corner of this page, where you can also find more information.

Still don’t get it, this video explains better than I can.

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