Review of th Year 2011- Disappointing Fiction

I didn’t rate any books at 1/5 this year but I have a few rated at 2/5. So those are my nominees for ‘Disappointing fiction’. I’m sorry I just can’t say worst!

The Whereabouts of Eneas McNulty- Sebastian Barry
One Day- David Nicholls
A Week in December- Sebastian Faulkes
Dragon’s Pupils: The Sword Guest- Martin Shui Chu

This year the title Disappointing Fiction is actually a little more appropriate than it was last year. Some of the nominees this year are actually worthy of the title disappointing, Sebastian Fawkes and Sebastian Barry are both authors who have written books which are among my favourites. I would even describe Sebastian Fawkes as one of my favourite authors. So I expected a lot from their books, that’s what really makes something that is not up to scratch disappointing. Really though I can’t say they’ve been my least favourite books this year. That…honour… goes to…

Dragon’s Pupils: the Sword Guest

This was one I read for review. Really though I wished I hadn’t accepted. It took a lot a lot of effort to keep reading. I could see that it wasn’t all bad but the style was just so unfinished and it was really annoying me by the end. I gave it a 2 for the idea, it wasn’t completely hopeless, and it didn’t give me such hatred that Twilight did but I disliked it enough to reject a reading of the author’s new book.

As before click the link at the top to read my review and the second link to buy on Amazon.


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2 responses to “Review of th Year 2011- Disappointing Fiction

  1. I enjoyed One Day to some extent, but after how much I loved Starter for Ten it was a disappointment for me too. Can’t believe so many people loved it so much.


  2. Lucybird

    I didn’t understand it either, I heard that Starter for Ten was good but I’ve never read it.


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