Film of the Book: I Am Number Four

Well I was not especially impressed with the book of this film. Considering that I generally prefer the books to the films I shouldn’t really have expected to like this.

However I did expect to. Maybe because they came out at the same time I thought they would parallel each other but really they didn’t. There were so many things from the book changed in the film (or from the film changed in the book, when they are released at the same time how should I know which came first?!), most of which didn’t make sense. In fact the only change I could see making sense was introducing number 6 earlier, and, well that was because she was just generally the most awesome character in both the book and the film.

To be honest though the film just did not keep me interested. I just didn’t care. I got distracted by something for about half an hour and wasn’t bothered about rewinding or re-watching, even if it made the rest of the film harder to follow.

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