The Truth About Us- Dalene Flannigan

Image from Amazon

This book was given to me free of charge in exchange for a honest review.

Synopsis (from Amazon)

What happens when the past catches up to the present and the truth surfaces? Three women, roommates back in college, find their lives forever altered when one of them feels compelled to confess the secret sin of their past.

And whose truth is it?

‘The Truth About Us’ weaves the past and the present in a page-turner that explores the shifting quality of truth, and the cost of secrets.


Well I can honesty say that this is probably the best self-published novel I’ve read to date. (Not that I’ve read many, but I think I’ve read enough to be sure of that much). I often find that when stories are up to scratch with self-published novels there are problems with editing, which is understandable as the author won’t have a whole team of editors and proofreaders behind them. I found few problems with editing with this book though, there were only a couple of times I thought something should be changed (and I’m really bad for spotting things like that).
Readability wise it was a quick and easy read but more substantial than easy reads tend to be. I really felt for the characters, especially Erica, and even understood Jude up to a point. I’m not sure I can exactly side with Grace but it certainly is somewhat of a moral dilemma, especially when taken with the twist at the end.
I must admit that I found Jude the most interesting character, she just seemed so naive in a way that was kind of difficult to understand.



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