Grimm’s Fairy Stories- Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

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This book was read as part of the Rory List

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The Brothers Grimm rediscovered a host of fairy tales. Together with their well-known tales of “Rapunzel”, “The Goose Girl”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Hansel and Gretel” there are darker tales which deserve to be better known. This is a collection of their tales.



This was the first book I read on my lovely new Kindle. Oh the excitement!

I suppose though my method of reading them was not the best. I read them all one after the other and that did make them all seem to blend together a little, and made the similar ones so much more obviously similar. There was a certain strangeness about it.

A lot of the stories of course I knew, but I was surprised by some of the differences, and that there were so many I didn’t know. I especially enjoyed The Six Swans and although there were aspects I recognised it was not a story I really knew which made me wonder why it is not more well known.

The stories were simple and easy to read, perfect bedtime reading


You can get this book on Kindle Free from Amazon


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4 responses to “Grimm’s Fairy Stories- Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

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  2. cat

    hey lucybird! just wanted to tell you the Grimms didn’t rediscover tales; they simply collected them (and brushed them up more or less). In doing this they surely prevented those gems of oral history from being forgotten.
    will you be joining in the murakami reading challenge 2012? greets from germany!


  3. Lucybird

    Hi Cat, I think I knew that. Yes I’m taking part in the Murakami challenge again this year, I must get my introductory post up.


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