Film of the Book: The Help

This review contains (minor) spoilers for the film and book The Help

I read the book The Help at the beggining of this year after reading lots of very positive reviews and having it recommended to me by my sister. It was one of those books that was on my wishlist for a while before I actually read it and really wished I’d read it earlier. In short I loved it.

I really wanted to see the film but as I have a tendency to overjudge films based on books I loved I was a little anxious.

Oh but honestly I loved the film too. Maybe not as much as the book but it had pretty much everything I loved about the book. I especially loved Minny, just as I had when I read the book, although I do think she was a bit more one-dimensional than she had been in the book. The Leroy storyline was there but it was so cut down that it seemed almost pointless, more like it had been added to make her less of a comic character that to give her life outside that as a maid.

The main negative thing I can say about the film was that I found it was rather long and dragged a little in the middle. However I can forgive it as there is very little else I would have cut out. I may have cut Skeeter’s relationship with Stuart completely. Simply because it was already cut down so much that it had little of the significance which it had in the book. The only real purpose it served was to show the negative impact of the book on Skeeter, and that was shown in other ways too which frankly were stronger.

Still I recommend those who have read the book to go and watch the film too.

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  1. I am not a fan of books becoming films, but there are exceptions that I do want to see. One day and The Help being recent ones.

    I have to see those larger than life characters on the big screen.



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