Amazon Associates

Today I have signed up my blog with Amazon Associates. I’ve done this so that I can get some money together for my own domain name and to help fund giveaways. There shouldn’t be too much change to the blog. I was going to add an amazon search box but that doesn’t seem to work with WordPress. Basically all that will happen is any book links that are not to other posts will be linked to amazon, I may change the images too so they are amazon links.

I often link to amazon anyway but from today you can be sure when you are clicking book links which are not books I’ve reviewed will be to amazon.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. I don’t want to do this at expense of my blog.


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3 responses to “Amazon Associates

  1. Zoe

    Good luck with Amazon affiliates – i’ve been with them 2 years and am yet to make my first £25 (the amount you have to make before you get sent any money/vouchers!)


  2. Lucybird

    lol well I hope I’ll get going a bit better, but it makes little difference to my blog really so no harm in trying it out


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