Scavenger Hunt GIVEAWAY

Yes I promised a giveaway for my blogiversary but I wanted to make it a bit more interesting than letting people who wanted to win just comment (or fill in the form, or whatever) so this giveaway will take the form of a scavenger hunt. I’ll explain the scavenger hunt rule in a moment, first lets do the giveaway details.

1) I will be giving away a copy on any book reviewed on this blog (lists by author, by title) to 2 entrants

2) The giveaway is open internationally so long as The Book Depository does free delivery to your country.

3) To enter just follow the Scavenger Hunt rules (listed below) and put your answer and information in the form below

4) Entries are open for a week from today (so until 6th September) 23:59 BST

The Scavenger Hunt rules

It’s pretty simple really. In 6 posts on this blog is a random word. Find all the words (by following the clues below) and join them together to create a sentence.

1) Words could be anywhere in the blog posts but will be bold and highlighted in blue like this

2) There are two possible sentences you can make from the words, I have one in mind but either is acceptable.

3) You must use all the words to be in with a chance of winning.

The clues.

1) What was my favourite read?

2) The title of this book relates to my blog

3) Lots of fandom here

4) Oh how exciting!

5) For the ones I love

6) Never impressed by these adaptations

Hint: Keeping reading my Blogiversary posts and you may find some of these clues easier

Any questions can be asked in comments or via twitter.



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8 responses to “Scavenger Hunt GIVEAWAY

  1. Are the highlighted words in earlier or future posts?


  2. Lucybird

    They are all on earlier posts


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  4. Mary Preston

    I went backwards & forwards only finding 5. I guessed the sixth – wrong obviously. Are you positive all six are up?


  5. Lucybird

    The one you have missed is there ~(I went back and checked) but it does seem to be the one people are struggling on (I can see why, I even had trouble finding it)so I will give you a hint. It is in one of the review of the year posts. And that’s public so anyone who reads this comment gets that hint too.


  6. Mary Preston

    My apologies – I FOUND IT!!! Very tricky I must say.


  7. Lucybird

    Yes you’re right, I didn’t realise how tricky I’d made that one till I started looking for it for you!


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