Film of the Book: The Time Traveller’s Wife

This review contains spoilers for the book and film The Time Traveller’s Wife.

The Time Traveller’s Wife is one of my favourite books and I’ve been meaning to see the film ever since it came out, I’ve just never got round to it. I was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t like it because I tend to be a bit judgemental of films of books. I’m better than I once was, trying to take them as films in themselves rather than comparing them to the book, but it becomes more difficult the more I love the books.

I was actually pretty impressed with how close to the book this film was. There were a few changes but they were pretty minor and I don’t think they cut anything that was especially important. I was a bit sad that they cut the bit where Henry sees Claire when she is old in favour for a slightly cheesy ‘Daddy is always with us’ scene. I thought the scene with Henry seeing an old Claire was actually more hopeful because it showed she would be okay. It was the only change I didn’t really like though which is quite impressive, and I think maybe it’s more self explanatory than the scene in the book.

I thought the emotional scenes in the book were done really well. They were very moving and brought me too tears.

The film also reminded me how much I had loved Henry when reading the book (but less so how much I’d liked Claire), and I really want to re-read the book now.

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