Harry Potter Merchandise

Today I’m looking at some of my favourite Harry Potter objects on sales, I’m trying to do for less official merchandise and I hope you like it.

PrettyLittleCharmsUK over on etsy sells a lot of these beautiful charms, some just show words (as the one displayed, which is unfortunately sold) while others have other little charms added, such as the Patronus charm

There are lots of beautiful Golden Snitch necklaces around but I particularly like the below one from oldjunkyardboutique (also on etsy)








On Folksy CutiePies makes a whole series of potion bottle pendants, I especially like the Felix Felicis





I own an awesome Snape lego keyring which glows in the dark but lego doesn’t seem to make it anymore. This is the closest I could find on Amazon


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7 responses to “Harry Potter Merchandise

  1. *sigh* I want to live in Etsyville.


  2. Lucybird

    lol don’t we all


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