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I’m writing this weeks blog hop from my I-pod so I apologise for any mistakes it’s a bit more difficult

This weeks question is about what makes us keep reading a book and what makes us give a book up. I answered this a bit in my very waffley post earlier this week. So long as I am interested by the premise I won’t let myself give up before 100 pages have gone because I think that gives enough chance for the book to get going in most cases. If I am really struggling at that point I will give up but if I have even just an inkling of interest I will generally continue.

Thanks for hopping by


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6 responses to “Book blog hop

  1. I keep going for 50-100 pages and then make a decision. Can’t stop earlier because they do get good later on in some cases.



  2. Lucybird

    Yes that’s the reason I don’t stop earlier too


  3. Stopping by via Crazy-For-Book’s Blog Hop.
    I’m having a giveaway on my blog this weekend so please stop by!

    Holjo @ Pedantic Phooka


  4. Lucybird

    Thanks for stopping by


  5. 100 pages is a good rule. I usually find that by the time I’ve invested in 100 pages I usually need to see where the story goes, even if I’m not liking it. Damn curiosity!


  6. Lucybird

    lol I usually find that too, unless I’ve found nothing I like in the book, I rarely give up


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