Hoppity Hoppity

I am feeling lazy this week so I am just going to answer the question

“How many books are currently in your To-Be-Read (TBR) Pile?”

I’m not to bad, I have about 22 currently, if you don’t count the books of my Mum’s I am hoping to borrow. I know some people count their wishlists as part of their TBR pile but I don’t as there’s no guarentee I’ll even read them. I’m actually trying to cut my TBR pile down, this blog has meant that I’ve increased the size of my TBR pile by over 700% so I am trying to get it to a more rational amount. I’m aiming for below ten but that hasn’t happened for more than a year.


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8 responses to “Hoppity Hoppity

  1. 22 is good! Mine is closer to 200. Well done on reducing your list 🙂


  2. Lucybird

    I generally decide I shouldn’t buy more until I get into single figures once I get into the 20s, but I haven’t quite managed to succeed with that yet


  3. I generally have the same book-buying policy (waiting until I have only 20 or so) but sometimes temptation overcomes me 😀 Have a great weekend!


  4. I don’t include my wishlist in my TBR number and it’s still in its hundreds! I’ve decided there are worse things I could be doing than hoarding books. I get a lot from charity shops and swap with people that really want my second hand books so it’s helping others too!


  5. Lucybird

    That’s true I suppose! I swap with people too, especially on bookmooch, and I do bookcrossing but only with limited success!


  6. Lucybird

    lol me too, especially when I feel uninspired by my TBR pile


  7. You sound just like me! I don’t count books on my wish list either, just the actual physical books – my literal to-be-read pile lol. I’ve been trying to get mine down too but it’s just not happening, and like you, since starting to blog, it’s increased beyond belief!


  8. Lucybird

    lol I think it’s a common affect of blogging


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