The Earth Hums in B Flat- Mari Strachan

This book was read as part of the Take a Chance Challenge

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Synopsis (from Amazon)

Gwenni Morgan is not like any other girl in this small Welsh town. Inquisitive, bookish and full of spirit, she can fly in her sleep and loves playing detective. So when a neighbour mysteriously vanishes, and no one seems to be asking the right questions, Gwenni decides to conduct her own investigation. She records everything she sees and hears: but are her deductions correct? What is the real truth? And what will be the consequences of finding out, for Gwenni, her family and her community?


First off I want to say yet again the blurb failed this book. I don’t know why but this seems to be occurring more and more often recently. The blurb made The Earth Hums in B Flat sound like a mystery or crime story, and while there are mysteries and crimes in the story I found it more to be a story about Gwennie and her life. She did think about the mysteries a lot, but I think the real story was in what she didn’t think but what we as readers could infer from what she thought and the goings on. I did think it was a bit too easy to guess the twist but I don’t think the twist was as important as Gwennie’s reaction to it.

I think the writing was beautiful. I loved Gwennie, her voice was very genuine and innocent. I wanted so much better for her, and I wanted to give her a big hug and shout at her Mum.

One thing I really liked was how Welsh everything felt. I went to uni in Wales (in Bangor actually which is right by Snowdon) and although I wouldn’t say I was actually very integrated into Welsh culture I still say enough and knew enough people who are Welsh to get a similar sense.



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9 responses to “The Earth Hums in B Flat- Mari Strachan

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  2. I’ve heard such great things about this one and was delighted to find a copy for a miniscule ONE POUND in a charity shop a few weeks ago. Now I’m looking forward to it even more! Great review! I holidayed in Conwy every year as a child, my dad lived on Anglesey for a few years when he and my mum divorced, and we’ve had family moving to and from that area ever since, so maybe I’ll enjoy the Welsh spirit as much as you did!


  3. I’m glad you liked this, I picked it for a book group read last year and found it charming. I actually picked it for the title alone which doesn’t suggest crime to me at all. I avoid reading the blurb as much as I can!


  4. This sounds like a very interesting book. My son is touring the UK right now and will be spending a couple of days in Wales. I visited years ago and loved it. I’ll have to get this book. Thanks for the review. I found you on CFB.
    I also love your head photo. Are those your birds?


  5. Lucybird

    I hope you do! £1 is very good, I got my copy on Amazon and it wasn’t too badly priced but not that good.


  6. Lucybird

    I usually read the blurb, it bugs me a little when it’s not very representative, but generally speaking when that happens it just ends up as a nice surprise.

    How did the other in your book group enjoy it?


  7. Lucybird

    It’s well worth the read.

    The birds unfortunatley aren’t mine, but I am rather attached to them! I have a cat so birds are a no go really. Maybe one day I will have birds and be able to take my own header image. This one I found on google.


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