Out the Comfort Zone Hop (9-12 June)

The Out of the Comfort Zone Hopis a new blog hop hosted here at Lucybird’s Book Blog which is designed to help you to look at books outside your comfort zone and to get you to look at blogs you wouldn’t normally look at.

So what do you need to know, I’m starting off simple, just 1 rule

When you add your link you must visit the two blogs above you, no matter who they are! You can visit other blogs too but should find you are looked at by the two blogs below you

-If you are in the top 2 this is a bit more difficult, just come back at a convenient time and start counting up with the list carrying on at the bottom (i.e. if you are at the top you visit the bottom 2 blogs, if you are second you visit the top and bottom blogs)

The jump will last from Thursday night to Sunday night (GMT). So this week will be from 2nd-5th June

Please post about this hop in your blog if you join in, I won’t ask for it every week but just well we’re getting started. Sorry about the clicky, wordpress doesn’t support the normal list



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3 responses to “Out the Comfort Zone Hop (9-12 June)

  1. Thanks for the hop. I can’t find where to follow you or who to follow either. But I would still check back.


  2. Lucybird

    Hi nneka.

    If you click the link again you should see the whole list (and if not there should be a link to the list) but we are the only people on it so far!
    You can follow me by e-mail using the e-mail subscription box just under what I’m currently reading on the side-bar.
    Also you can add my blog to your reader (if you use one, as you use blogger you should probably be able to use google reader using your blogger I.D, but I’m not sure on that) it should work if you just copy and paste my address into the subcription bar on your reader or you can click the link on the sidebar/
    Or if neither of those appeals I am on twitter and I tweet all my new blog entries.

    Thanks for stopping by


  3. This looks like such a great idea! Are you still doing it?


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