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So I’ve been umming and awwing about signing up for Twitter recently and reading everyone’s posts from armchair BEA has convinced me. Maybe I’m a little late for the party but I still came!

So if you want to follow me you can either click my tweet feed on the side bar or you can find me @lucybirdbooks

I’ve already added all the bloggers in my blogroll and a few authors, but if there is anyone else worth following (legitimate authors/publishing houses etc.) please let me know.

All this is very exciting 🙂


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6 responses to “Tweet Tweet

  1. Okay, now I (@BookBender) am following you, too. Welcome to Twitter! It’s a lot of fun. 🙂


  2. Go you! I still can’t make head or tail of what’s going on on Twitter (or, er, how the heck it actually works), so I’m way behind on that score and not QUITE ready to take the plunge yet I don’t think! *high five for vicarious living through more savvy bloggers!*


  3. Lucybird

    Thanks, I am already getting addicted


  4. Lucybird

    I was worried I wouldn’t be able to work it, but it’s actually going ok so far, I think I have the basics down already and am getting kind of addicted (which is possibly not sure a good thing….but possibly it’s just because it’s novel!)


  5. I just joined Twitter and am still a little lost, but it is very fun!

    Somer @ A Bird’s Eye Review


  6. Lucybird

    I’m still learning but it’s simpler than I anticipated. Thanks for visiting


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