Armchair BEA: Blogging about blogging

Today Armchair BEA is talking about blogging, or if you want the blog bit of book blogs.

Well what can I say. I try to make my blog what I would wants for a blog. My reviews are probably shorter than a lot of bloggers out there but that’s mainly because I wouldn’t want to read long reviews myself, I like reviews that get to the point, and that’s what I try to do.

I’m also not the biggest one for memes, I won’t keeping looking at a blog if I see no reviews, or at least original content, on the first page because I find there’s something a little artificial about memes. I only take part in two myself. The Book Blogger Hop (hosted at crazy-for-books) which is a great way to connect with the blogging world, I’ve found some fantastic blogs through it and I take part most weeks. I’ve also set up my own blog hop, the Out the Comfort Zone Hop, which is designed to take bloggers outside their comfort zone when it comes to which blogs they visit. I find that I often only visit blogs I believe will be similar to my own, and I think I could be missing out, I thought other bloggers might do the same so I aimed to create a blog hop which would broaden horizans. Both are taking place right now so feel free to ‘hop’ over.

As well as book reviews (and the occasional meme) I post reviews of films which are based on books- looking at them as compared to books, and musings about book related topics.

Feel free to ask any questions about my blog, or about me 🙂


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2 responses to “Armchair BEA: Blogging about blogging

  1. I like the idea of Out of Your Comfort Zone. If I had not visited other blogs that read genres that I normally did not read, I would have missed some really great books!


  2. Lucybird

    Thanks unfortunately it’s not getting off the ground to well


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