Armchair BEA: Best reads of 2011

Today Armchair BEA is all about the best books of 2011. When I first saw the post about this topic I couldn’t think of any book that really jumped out at me as being a great read. But when I looked back at the list of books I’ve read this year I found that actually there were lots that I had loved!

The Help: Had some very compelling and engaging characters and was a beautiful way of looking at black rights in America

Everything is Illuminated: is beautifully written and is both funny and moving.

Shades of Grey: is my new favourite Fforde novel, well it has all the brains and the comedy that I love in his Thursday Next series well being more thoughful and making you think

Living Dolls: is a must read book for women about modern day feminism and sexism


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2 responses to “Armchair BEA: Best reads of 2011

  1. The movie for The Help looks great, I am going to read it first, reviews have been wonderful.

    My post


  2. Lucybird

    I’m looking forward to the movie, although I’m not sure about casting, then again I almost never am when it comes to films of books

    Thanks for stopping by


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