Film of the Book: Water for Elephants

It was almost a year ago that I read the book Water For Elephants, and I don’t remember it too well, but I do remember being really impressed. In some ways I think it is a good thing that I don’t remember the book too well because it meant I could judge that film for it’s own merits rather than just comparing it to the book- often I find the films disappointing when I am comparing it to the book. Indeed I remember that I found the descriptions of the circus in the book were very vivid and gave me some beautiful mental images and the film didn’t compare favourably in this sense.

When I heard that Jacob was going to be played by Robert Pattinson (him of Twilight fame) I was a unsure about the choice of actor, I found it difficult to imagine him as Jacob, but actually he did really well in the role and I was able to see him as someone else than Edward (or Cedric Diggory, which is actually more who he is for me).

The real star though was definitely Rosie (the elephant) I just wish she had got more screen time.


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