The Waterstone’s 11: City of Bohane- Kevin Barry

The Waterstone’s 11 are a group of new books by new authors championed by Waterstone’s in 2011. You can read my reviews of The Tiger’s Wife, The Coincidence Engine, When God was a Rabbit (review of whole book) and The Sentimentalists. You can read extracts of all the books on the Waterston’s website

City of Bohane- Kevin Barry

Forty years in the future. The once-great city of Bohane on the west coast of Ireland is on its knees, infested by vice and split along tribal lines. There are the posh parts of town, but it is in the slums and backstreets of Smoketown, the tower blocks of the Northside Rises and on the eerie bogs of Big Nothin’ that Bohane really lives.

For years, the city has been in the cool grip of Logan Hartnett, the dapper godfather of the Hartnett Fancy gang. But there’s trouble in the air. They say his old nemesis is back in town; his trusted henchman is getting ambitious; and his missus wants him to give it all up and go straight…and then there’s his mother.

City of Bohane is a unique and visionary novel that blends influence from film and the graphic novel, from Trojan beats and calypso rhythms, from Celtic myth and legend, from fado and the sagas, and from all the great inheritance of Irish literature. A work of mesmerising imagination and vaulting linguistic invention, it is a taste of the startlingly new. (from Waterstones)

Thoughts on synopsis

I must admit just from looking at the cover of this book I wouldn’t pick it up. I very rarely read crime and this looks pretty stereotypical of crime novels. The synopsis sounds less stereotypical but it still doesn’t make me want to read the book, it just doesn’t seem like my type of thing.

Thoughts on extract.

Sorry, couldn’t read past the second page, the language grated on me so much. I was crude (which might be the right tone for this type of novel, but I didn’t like it). Lots of seemingly irrelevant swearing (and not even just mild everyday swearing. Some of the language which wasn’t swearing grated on me too, is badness even a word?


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2 responses to “The Waterstone’s 11: City of Bohane- Kevin Barry

  1. Well I made it to the end of the extract, but it was an effort to do it. The writing style annoyed me too. It is good to know I’m not alone in struggling with it.


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