The Waterstone’s 11: The Coincidence Engine

The Waterstone’s 11 are 11 books which will be released by debut authors during 2011. You can read extracts of all the books on the Waterstones website. I’m posting my thoughts on the extracts here on my blog. So far I have posted on When God was a Rabbit and The Tiger’s Wife.

The Coincidence Engine- Sam Leith

A hurricane sweeps off the Gulf of Mexico and in, the back-country of Alabama, assembles a passenger jet out of old bean-cans and junkyard waste. An eccentric mathematician – last heard of investigating the physics of free will and ranting about the devil – vanishes in the French Pyrenees. And the thuggish operatives of a multinational arms conglomerate are closing in on Alex Smart – a harmless Cambridge postgraduate who has set off with hope in his heart and a ring in his pocket to ask his American girlfriend to marry him. At the Directorate of the Extremely Improbable – an organisation so secret that many of its operatives aren’t 100 per cent sure it exists – Red Queen takes an interest. What ensues is a chaotic chase across an imaginary America, haunted by madness, murder, mistaken identity, and a very large number of unhealthy but delicious snacks. The Coincidence Engine exists. And it has started to work. “The Coincidence Engine” is consistently engaging – one of the most enjoyable, entertaining debut novels you’ll come across for ages. (from Waterstones)

Thoughts on Synopsis

This sounds really confusing and over complicated. If I read this synopsis on a book in a shop I probably wouldn’t buy it. The cover looks like the types of books I pick up but never buy.

Thoughts on first chapter

I was confused pretty much from the onset, partly because it dived straight into the plot with no explanation and then kept switching between different plot lines. Partly because of the way it was written, I felt like I had to re-read most sections at least twice to understand them. It did get easier as I went through so maybe the style just takes some gettings used to, and I had a slight sense of intrigue, but not enough for me to want to go out and buy the book. At one point it made me laugh but I wasn’t entirely sure I was meant to.



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