Could you give up a friend?

Migraine Barbie has Snapped!

Image by Deborah Leigh (Migraine Chick) via Flickr

I get these awful terrible migraines. A regular migraine consists of blinding headache, pins and needles in my hands, flashing lights in my vision, aversion to any type of light and sometimes slurred speech, it’s a nasty horrible experience. Last week I got the worst migraine I have got in the last few years. On top of the usual I felt physically sick, I had pins and needles down my right arm and leg, and around my mouth, I could barely move and was really upset. This came on while I was at work, starting just like a bad headache, by the end of my break (which was an hour) I couldn’t move, I had to get someone else to tell my manager where I was because the thought of walking down the stairs in that state was unthinkable, I was sure I would fall. Even when I felt able to move again I asked another member of staff to help me down the stairs just in case.

Now what does this have to do with reading you might ask? Well today the other member of staff suggested that my migraines might be triggered by how much I read, I suppose it makes sense. They say reading can strain your eyes (especially if your eyesight wasn’t right to begin with, like mine), and most of the people I know of who suffer from migraine (and I mean real migraine, not headache) are big readers. Could it be a coincidence, I don’t know. Anyway this colleague suggested that I try giving up reading, just for a month or two to see if it helped. I can completely see the sense in what she says, I really can, and in the grand scheme of things a month isn’t really a long time is it? I know it makes sense but could I actually do it. The idea of giving up my books is like the idea of giving up a best friend, I wouldn’t die without them but I can’t imagine a life where I would be happy without them. Maybe, just maybe I could give up if it guaranteed that I would never get a migraine again, but I’d be more likely to say I really should give up reading everytime I got a migraine but forget about it with the sight of the next book I wanted to read.

So is there anything that could make you give up your books (or something else you love)?


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7 responses to “Could you give up a friend?

  1. Janet

    I too would hate the thought of giving up books, so I’m not surprised you’re cautious. Perhaps audiobooks (even if just as a temporary compromise) are the way to go? That way you won’t be without your beloved books, but you won’t be straining your eyes either. You could then reintroduce real books, slowly, and see if the migraines return (assuming they go away with audiobooks in place).

    Just a though.

    As a fellow (although fortunately now only occasional) sufferer myself, you have my total sympathy. ((Hugs))


  2. Lucybird

    I did think of audiobooks, maybe if it was my only option I would be able to concentrate, I can’t imagine it being the same


  3. Gosh, that sounds terrible! I hope they don’t last long & don’t crop up too often. I used to get bad migraines, including a particularly bad one around age 11-12 that put me in the hospital, but I don’t get them much anymore, and I’m reading now more than ever. When bad headaches crop up, I get my eyes checked & often need an adjustment to my prescription. Not sure what to suggest, but doctors I saw as a kid said to take Advil for the pain & to do simple things like finding a comfortable position, applying a cold cloth, drinking lots of water & sitting or resting in the dark, which I’m sure you do anyway.


  4. Lucybird

    I used to get only a few a year, but over the last few years they’ve been getting more frequent, I’ve tried different treatments quite successfully but I had 2 in the last 3 weeks which is a bad sign, I’d been doing so well up till then.


  5. diana

    my eye doctor told me to slow down the reading because it was ruining my vision…i still haven’t listened to him….reading delights me…everything about it…as the over 500 books (unread!) in my house will attest


  6. Lucybird

    lol I wouldn’t listen to mine either….surprisingly he has never told me to stop reading though!


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