Dick King-Smith

BBC News – Babe creator Dick King-Smith dies aged 88.

This happened a few days ago but I only just found out about it. 88 is quite a good age I suppose but it’s still sad.

I used to really like his books when I was little. I particularaly liked the Sophie stories (Sophie’s Snail, Sophie’s Tom ect.). I really liked Sophie, she was quite a strong female character I suppose looking back. I remember thinking it would be cool to have  a Shetland Pony myself!

Oh and of course YThe Queen’s Nose, I really wanted to find that coin! The TV show of that was pretty good too, although it got dragged on far too long,

The film Babe (I still prefer the name The Sheep-Pig) was a film I really enjoyed when I was little too, although even then I had a sense that the book was better.

He may not quite have been up to the level of Roald Dahl for me but a firm favourite.





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2 responses to “Dick King-Smith

  1. I heard this bit of news and though I haven’t read his work, I love the movie version of Babe. Thanks for filling in some info for me.

    I have an award for you. Congrats 🙂 Here are the details.

  2. lucybirdbooks

    You should give it a look 🙂

    And thank you 🙂

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