Post a week Challenge

I’ve decided to take part in  Wordpress’ Post a Week challenge next year. The idea s pretty simple, to post at least one post every week during 2011. They are also doing a Post a Day challenge but seeing as I can’t read a whole book everyday, and want my blog to remain a book blog I don’t think I could post everyday without resorting to memes…and lots of memes are something which put me off reading other blogs.


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4 responses to “Post a week Challenge

  1. bigwords88

    Memes are evil. Memes are horrible. Unless you have the time to deconstruct the meme, then the use of one is too easy to fall back on. Posting once a week is an admirable goal.


  2. lucybirdbooks

    They are. I don’t like using them, except the one to do with issues surrounding books, because it’s something I’d talk about anyway.


  3. Having just had a look at your blog, I think you could do the post a day & do it justice!


  4. lucybirdbooks

    Really? I don’t know if I’d have enough stuff, not if I want it to stay a book blog anyway.


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