oooh an award!

I’m thrilled to get another award. It’s nice to know that people appreciate my blog 🙂

Laural-Rain Snow has given me this Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you, thank you.

Here are the rules:

1) Share 7 things about myself

2) Pass the award on to 15 bloggers recently discovered

3) Notify the blogger recipients

4) Link to the blogger who gave me the award

Right so 7 things about me

1) I’ve taken part in NaNoWriMo the last 3 years. This year and last were both monumental failures but the first year I was stuck at home with a broken leg and finished before time was up. My ‘novel’ still needs some series editing though and I’m very lazy about getting it done.

2) It’s been snowing here in Birmingham over night and I find it exciting!

3) I’m a big Harry Potter fan. I am always disappointed by the films because they just don’t add up to the books but I am going to see the latest one this afternoon and am actually very excited, I think maybe because it’s something new from Harry World.

4) I love coffee but my body is very fussy about it. I can’t drink some coffees without getting ill but other makes don’t seem to bother me. My usual coffee is a hazelnut lattee but over Christmas I switch to gingerbread lattee which is the best coffee ever

5) My body thinks I’m an old person. I wear hearing aids and very thick glasses and have osteoporosis. God knows what my body will do when I’m actually old!

6) My boyfriend of 4 years lives up in Newcastle. I miss him more than I can say. I hope he finds a job down here soon

7) I’m a psychology graduate. That’s why most of my non-fiction reads are psychology related.

I can’t pick 15 bloggers but here goes….

Kelly’s (former) France Blog

Books are like Candy Corn

Recovering Potter Addict


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2 responses to “oooh an award!

  1. Wow, thanks so much!
    I envy anyone who even attempts NaNoWriMo! I know I could never do it!


  2. Rob

    Mahalo! Many thanks for thinking of me. It’s a good start to my day here in Hawaii. That’s interesting about coffee’s effect on your body. My partner had the same issue. We started hand roasting coffee two years ago and the problem stopped. Fresh coffee feels a lot better on the stomach; no rancid oils.

    Wishing you good books and happy holidays!

    Aloha from Rob @Books Are Like Candy Corn


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