The Chocolate Run- Dorothy Koomson

Cover of "The Chocolate Run"

Cover of The Chocolate Run

This review was written 2/07/09

Synopsis(from Amazon)

Amber Salpone thinks in chocolate – talk to her for three minutes and she’ll tell you what kind of chocolate you’d be. In fact, most days, if she was asked to choose between chocolate and relationships, there’d be no contest. At least chocolate has never let her down. Unlike her family. Growing up in the Salpone household has taught Amber to avoid conflict – and love – at all costs. So, when she does the unthinkable and has a one-night stand with womaniser Greg Walterson, her uncomplicated, chocolate-flavoured life goes into meltdown. Especially when Greg announces she’s the love of his life – and Amber finds it hard enough to decide if she wants plain or Fruit & Nut …Meanwhile, her best friend, Jen, seems to be launching a bid to become Bitch Of The Year and Amber’s family are making unreasonable demands. Amber has two choices: to deal with her past and the people around her, or to go on a chocolate run and keep on running …

I picked this one up because I fancied something easy and a bit trashy. In that sense well it was chick-lit so it didn’t exactly disappoint. Having said that it was a bit different in ways than usual chick-lit, it wasn’t about a woman seeking commitment, rather running away from it, which was an element I liked about it. In other ways though it was quite formulaic (highlight for spoiler)you know the kind of thing boy and girl are friends who don’t realise they should be together, they get together, there is some sort of argument and they split up, they realise they can’t live without one another and get back together. Having said that for a while I did think that it might not be so predictable (highlight for spoiler) and thought they wouldn’t get back together, I was glad when they did.
I liked Amber, but I didn’t really like the other characters, I didn’t like Greg, (highlight for spoiler) and up to a point even hoped they wouldn’t stay together. But it didn’t spoil the book for me.



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6 responses to “The Chocolate Run- Dorothy Koomson

  1. saw this book at my local book store. Thought of getting this.


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  3. I have just written a blog post on this book too, I absolutely loved it, I liked Gregs character and did not find it predictable at all! (Maybe I am thick though? lol) My blog post is –


  4. Lucybird

    I think I found it predictable in the way all chick lit. is so similar. I’m glad you liked it so much.


  5. I preferred The Woman He Loved Before Me, it was more of a psychological thriller whereas this is chick-lit with a little something extra. But that said, I found The Chocolate Run was funny and engaging. Like Lucybird I appreciated having a heroine who wasn’t obsessed with finding a man, even if it’s a fantasy it’s nice to read about a man who’s desperate for commitment and domesticity.


  6. Lucybird

    lol I’m sure it occasionally happens in real life.


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