Therapy- Sebastian Fitzek

Cover of "Therapy"

Cover of Therapy

Synopsis (from Amazon)

Josy, a twelve year old girl, has an inexplicable illness and vanishes without trace from her doctor’s office during treatment. Four years later: Josy’s father, well-known psychiatrist Viktor Larenz, has withdrawn himself to an isolated North Sea island in order to deal with the tragedy. Until he’s paid a surprise visit from a beautiful stranger. Anna Glass is a novelist and she suffers from an unusual form of schizophrenia: all the characters she creates for her books become real to her. And in her last novel she has written about a young girl with an unknown illness who has vanished without a trace.

Is the inconceivable possible? Do Anna’s delusions describe Josy’s last days? Reluctantly Viktor agrees to take on Anna’s therapy in a last attempt to uncover the horrible truth behind his daughter’s disappearance . . .


I’m not really a big reader of crime stories. The nearest I usually get is Jasper Fforde, which sn’t exactly typical crime. I’d read a few good reviews of this one though and it sounded a bit different. I must admit though that I wasn’t very impressed with it. It’s not that it was bad. It had some good twists and turns, although I was able to predict most of them. I never really cared about the characters though, except Josy, and only really because you can’t not care about a missing child. It was an easy read, and towards the end I found the twists less predictable so it became more interesting, but still nothing special.



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