Film influenced by a book: Easy A

Easy A is a film that’s very loosely based on The Scarlet Letter. A sort of modernised version.


Well comparing this to The Scarlet Letter is pretty difficult as the only real similarity is the key theme- that is how someones err… indiscretions affect how others see them- and how that effects them. I guess I could say that it’s a modern take on the story, but that’s not strictly true, it’s too disimilar really- in fact you would barely think of The Scarlet Letter if the main character didn’t keep mentioning it. It is certainly more accesible though- and seeing as I had certain problems with The Scarlet Letter as a book that’s probably a good thing- at least for me.

As for the film as a film itself I did enjoy it quite a lot. I wouldn’t call it a favourite but I could watch it again. It was amusing, and sometimes quite clever. Maybe a little predictable but I guess chick-flicks tend to be, and it was must less teenage than I expected. I liked the main character- which is good seeing as the film is from her view point. It’s an easy film to watch, not exactly a future classic or cult film but still enjoyable.



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