The Potter’s House- Rosie Thomas

This review was written 15/3/09

Synopsis (from Amazon)
Olivia Giorgiadis has left her English roots behind. She lives on a tiny Greek island, married to a local man, mother to two small sons. Year on year, island life has followed a peaceful unchanging rhythm. Until now. An earthquake ravages the coast, its force devastating the island. In the aftermath comes a stranger: an Englishwoman, destitute but for the clothes she wears. Olivia welcomes the stranger into her home, the potter’s house. But as Kitty melts into the family and the village community, so Olivia begins to sense that her mysterious visitor threatens all she holds dear…

First off The Potter’s House was not quite what I expected. I guess I was kind of expecting the deeper kind of chick lit but actually it wasn’t chick lit at all. It was a little unusual and there are still some bits that I need to think a bit more about to be sure about for example I have a feeling some aspect of the story is not real although I am not sure what aspect! As a character I found one of the character’s, Kitty, to be very interesting, and I think it is the psychologist that is intrigued by her. The story has a little of what makes her tick (as it were) but it is up to the reader to decide what ultimately makes her act as she does, and I am still unsure of what exactly it is. The only thing I would have changed is that I wanted more closure on Kitty’s story, but is wasn’t actually needed I just would have liked it. This is a book which got me thinking which is always a good sign, and some descriptions made me feel almost as if I was in Greece, another good sign.



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4 responses to “The Potter’s House- Rosie Thomas

  1. I definitely want to read this book! Never heard about it but loved your review of it. I love what you say about how you could actually picture yourself in Greece at times. That definitely says something about the writing 🙂


  2. lucybirdbooks

    I hadn’t heard of it before someone sent it to me either, but it was really good to discover another author 🙂


  3. Sounds like a good book.

    Hopping by from the Blog Hop.

    Stop by my blog to see my answer to this week’s question.


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