The Scarlet Letter- Nathaniel Hawthorne

This review was written 9/3/09


I was going to copy the synopsis from Amazon but it had a spoiler, so I will try to write my own.
The Scarlet Letter is the story of Hester. A woman who is being punished for her adultary by being forced to wear a scarlet letter A on her clothes, so that all will know her crime. Along with her daughter Pearl we see how this effects Hester’s life and the lives of those around her.


Plot wise this story has great potential, there is intrigue, love (romantic and otherwise), and elements of both psychology and morality. However I thought that the story dragged, the basics of the plot were interesting enough to keep me reading, but there seemed to be much which was unnecessary and which made the story drag. To hear more about how the letter effected Hester’s life would have made the story better I feel, or maybe to hear more about how she felt about the letter. I also found the style of writing difficult to read- maybe I’m just not cut out for classics, and occasionally lost track of what was happening because of the way it was written- and only realised later when what I thought was happening no longer made sense.
If you have the energy, or the concentration it’s probably worth the read, if just for the fact that the ending sums up everything so well and makes you think it was worthwhile. If you want something easy though, don’t bother.



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6 responses to “The Scarlet Letter- Nathaniel Hawthorne

  1. I loved this book. Good old high school read. 🙂


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  5. I really like everything I hear about this book, I really wanna read it.


  6. Lucybird

    Then do!


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