Diary of a Married Call Girl- Tracy Quan

This review was written 2/2/09

Synopsis (from Amazon)

The witty, sexy sequel to Tracy Quan’s bestselling “Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl”. Like everyone, Nancy finds that as life goes on, she has to adapt. She’s learning to hone her respectable image as the wife of investment banker Matt, cooking fashionable meals and taking his shirts to the cleaners, while turning a few tricks on the side. Volume is down, but the sex is kinkier. And she finds herself pulled into the discreet subculture of the married call girl. Some women’s husband’s know what they do, some don’t, and some ‘know, but don’t know.’ Nancy’s is in the dark, although her best friend Allison’s increasing presence in the media spotlight threatens to expose Nancy’s secret. Meanwhile, Matt wants a baby, but Nancy isn’t so sure. Motherhood could end her career for good – and what will it do to her body? Will Nancy have to give up her career to save her marriage? What if she becomes the frumpy wife her clients often come to her to escape? Fans of Quan’s first Nancy Chan novel, readers of Candace Bushnell’s “4 Blondes”, and anyone who enjoys a walk on the wild side will love this revealing romp.

I read the first two books in this series when I was a teenager and quite enjoyed them. I don’t remember the other two having quite so much sex in them, although of course they had some, it would be difficult to write a book about a ‘call girl’ without any sex in it! I remember there not being as much sex as you would expect in the first 2, but I can’t say that of this one.
It’s a pretty simple book really, and a simple story- nothing unexpected. Enjoyable enough but nothing special really. It was nice to read something easy and it was at least more exciting (for want of a better word) than Rachel Ray. As far as chick lit. type books are concerned it’s not the best Iv’e read but by no means the worst either.



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