Pure love or hate?

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I recently read a book that I had read a lot of negative (or at least not positive) reviews of. The subject of the book was one I was interested in so I didn’t let it put me off, although I decided I didn’t want to pay for the book. It got me thinking does a bad review immediately make you view the book in a negative light- do you pay attention to the negative aspects more than you would if you had read no review, or had read a good review? I didn’t give this book a good review myself, is this just because it wasn’t a good book? Or have those reviews effected how I approached the book, and how I read it. I’m pretty sure I approached it without trying to keep my hopes high, but I was trying to review it for itself too, not from the reviews I had read. I can’t be sure though that I didn’t have a biased view.

It’s the same the other way round too, does reading a good review of a book make it more likely that you will see the good side of it?

For a blogger there’s then the extra problem of should we blog. If reading my review might effect someone else’s reading of a book should I really post that review? Shouldn’t I just let the book speak for itself? Having said that if I don’t review people may be missing out on books they would have loved- and is making people view a book in a positive light really a bad thing anyway? If I didn’t ‘warn’ people about bad books does that mean more people would be ‘wasting’ their time by reading them? At the same time though if I post a negative review would I then be putting off people who may have liked the book I disliked? I suppose I can just presume that readers would look at a few posts on my blog and see if we had similar tastes before taking on board my review, but I actually don’t think that’s likely. I suppose bloggers can be an author’s best friend, a real reader rather than a critic, but for the same reasons they can be their worst enemies.

So what do you think? Do you think a review effects your reading of a book? What sort of responsibility do you think bloggers have?


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7 responses to “Pure love or hate?

  1. Insightful post. And one I have wondered about many times. I think the ultimate influence of a blogger is only dependent on how much the reader trust the taste of the blogger. It’s been almost seven months and I am still trying to test the blogs I follow. I read their recommendations, hoping to find a fit, somebody who loves exactly the books I love. I have yet to find a perfect fit. Either I read something they hated, or they loved something I hated. I think it will always be the case. If you are writing your very honest opinion, I don’t think you should worry about hurting the book.


  2. OOpps, I meant… Either they love something I hated, or they hate something I loved!! You know what I mean!


  3. lucybirdbooks

    It’s true, I don’t think I could ever find someone who completely shares my taste. I suppose though if you generally have the same taste it could give you a push towards, or away from a book.


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  5. there has been a lot of this concern for negative reviews stuff going around lately, or maybe it’s always going around, and I’m only noticing it the last month or so?

    Sometimes I’ll read a review of abook that someone else didn’t like, and maybe I’m interested in it for the exact reasons they didn’t like it, or i’m intrigued or something. it still gets my attention and gets me interested in a title or author I’ve never heard of before.

    i’ve also hated books (and said so) that everyone else on earth seemed to love.

    which leads to the “why do we blog?” question.

    because we have something to say, that’s why.


  6. lucybirdbooks

    I can’t say I’ve noticed it, but I guess it would be an idea that a few people have.

    I suppose it is true that you could still be interested from a bad review though, because people do have different tastes


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