The Full Cupboard of Life- Alexander McCall Smith

Note on the review

I have found my reading mojo has been a bit lacking this last week or so. Part of the reason I picked this book is because I knew it would be an easy read, but my lack of mojo may still have made itself known in my review.

Synopsis (from Amazon)

Mma Ramotswe, who became engaged to Mr J.L.B. Matekoni at the end of the first book, is still engaged. She wonders when a day for the wedding will be named, but she is anxious to avoid putting too much pressure on her fiance. For indeed he has other things on his mind – notably a frightening request made of him by Mma Potokwani, pushy matron of the Orphan Farm. Mma Ramotswe herself has weighty matters on her mind. She has been approached by a wealthy lady – whose fortune comes from successful hair-braiding salons – and has been asked to check up on several suitors. Are these men just interested in her money? This may be difficult to find out, but Mma Ramotswe is, of course, a very intuitive lady …


I like the No. 1 Ladies Detective agency books. They are pretty easy reads, they are a sort of alternative detective story. Not full of action or great crimes, but still interesting and maybe more easy to relate too. I’ve actually read The Full Cupboard of Life before, but wasn’t sure from the blurb if I had or not. It was only towards the end of the book that I became sure I had read it before. I suppose that is a good thing in a way because at least parts of the story seemed new too me, it was more the bits that I thought I might have read before that were distracting. I kept thinking, did I read this or was it part of the TV show?

There is little really to be said. A simple story but engaging. You don’t really feel like you need to know how things work out, and some things are obvious. In parts it is quite clever but not sophisticated. All the same an enjoyable read, and some really great characters which I love to read about- that it what really comes out of it, a real sense of the characters- and an enjoyment of them.


The TV series by the way is rather good and worth a look. Do read at least the first book first though.


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3 responses to “The Full Cupboard of Life- Alexander McCall Smith

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  2. That’s funny. I have McCall-Smith’s most recent installment to review, but all I can think of is something along the lines of your: “There is little really to be said. A simple story but engaging.” I really enjoy these books, but I don’t have anything profound to say!


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