My Sister’s Keeper- Film of the book.

(I feel the trailer is a little spoilerish but not too badly, and, well, it’s the official trailer)

I love the book of My Sister’s Keeper, Jodi Picoult is an author I enjoy and My Sister’s Keeper is the first one of hers I read, and still one of my favourites (my favourite if you’re wondering is Handle with Care). So I was a bit…cautious… about the film. I tend not to like films of books, I hate it when they change things or leave stuff out, and I find it hard to take them as films in their own right.

This one was actually pretty good as far as films go. I liked the characters (in fact I probably liked Sara and Kate more than I had in the book). It was a little more emotional than the book, but sometimes that seemed forced. I haven’t cried for the book but I got a little teary over the film. I liked the way they portrayed the relationship between Kate and Anna. I thought the different voices which make up the book were done quite well, but was disappointed about how little we got from Campell Alexander and Jesse. There were a few changes I didn’t like. I didn’t like how much they cut of Campell, or that they left certain bits to do with him in which seemed kind of random (highlight for spoiler)him having the epileptic fit just seemed pointless without having the rest of his story, except for saying that was why he took Anna’s case, but it seemed more convenient for that than it had in the book. I didn’t like they way they changed Jesse either, they keep all the good kid bits of him and lost the rest (spoiler) I was kind of anticipating the arson, and that added something to the original story. I was disappointed it was gone, plus I prefered Jesse when he had more of a bad boy image, theere was more too him. I guess this is because the film was more about Kate, whereas the book is more about Anna, and about the whole family really. In a sense the film was kind of one-demensional in that way, but if they’d had all in interweaving storylines it would have been a very long film.

Unfortunately there is no review of the book My Sister’s Keeper on my blog, I read it before I started blogging. My review of Handle with Care was written on BCF but there is a copy in my review of the year 2009 here

You can also read my reviews of Picture Perfect and Songs of the Humpback Whale both by Jodi Picoult


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