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I must be right in saying that my last post was also a blog hop- something which makes me feel like a neglctful blogger yet again. I am reading a rather difficult book at the moment. I am enjoying it but it is long and at first (at least) was rather difficult to read in terms of writing style. It has taken some getting in to. Now I’ve got into it though I’m really enjoying it. I hope I’ll be able to post my review some time next week (hopefully before Friday). The name of the book? Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie

Anyway on to the hop. The hop is a weekly event hosted by Jennifer over at crazy-for-books.com it’s a great way for bloggers to find one another and I’ve found some great blogs using it.

Eery week Jennifer asks us all a question to help us get to know each other better. This week’s question is How many blogs do you follow?

In terms of book blogging maybe 20? I can’t count because I’m on my boyfriend’s computer and most of my links are saved as bookmarks. I can’t say I visit them all everyday but I try to at least pop over every week. When I first started the blog hop I added lots of blogs but now I’m a little more selective (this is also why my blog appreciation posts have gone down, a blog now has to be extra special to go there, and although I have followed new ones since the last of those I haven’t highlighted any).


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6 responses to “hop along

  1. Hi! I’m just stopping by from the hop… I’m currently hosting a few giveaways, so stop by my blog to enter. Have a great weekend! 🙂

    ~Book Obsessed


  2. Hey! I’m stopping by from the hop, and I’m excited to have found your blog 🙂 I’ll for sure check out your posts in the future!


  3. Just hopping by to say, hi.
    Kelly Bookend Diaries


  4. Just hopping by-I look forward to your review of Midnight’s Children-I have that on my TBR shelf.


  5. Hopping by your blog. 🙂


  6. Hi. Just hopping through. Hope you enjoy the book your reading 😀


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