Moab is my Washpot- Stephen Fry

Synopsis (written by me)

This is the autobiography of Stephen Fry’s first 20 years.


I really enjoyed this. It was so honest (sometimes brutally so) and unflinching. There were so many things it would have been easier for Fry to have left out, but that he included them shows a real bravery. I have always respected Stephen Fry for his intelligence, and his humour, and his way of managing to make so much sound interesting but somehow knowing he hasn’t always had it easy, and hasn’t always been the greatest person makes me respect him more. That he has gone through certain things, and has turned his whole life around. It would have been so easy to say he was young and stupid but he doesn’t try to excuse himself of anything, he knows he should have done better. I loved how he was so honest about his emotions throughout. He could have just written it as a this is what happened and made a book out of it but then I don’t think it would have been particularly special, emotion is something only an autobiography can fully do when writing about fact. At some points he went of on tangents, or even rants which lasted several pages. I suppose for some this could have been annoying but it made the book seem less manufactured to me and more like he was speaking to you. The only other of Fry’s books I have read is The Liar. I found that plot wise (if we can say an autobiography has a plot) The Liar carried along more nicely, but nobodies life is all action after all and considering that you didn’t really get bored with Moab is my Washpot. I did find this one easier to read in some ways though, they both had the same style of writing which was almost poetic, and they both had words or ideas that I found hard to grasp but I think part of what made The Liar was that it was meant to confuse whereas Moab is my Washpot was quite simple.


If anyone is interested I have written up a review for The Liar but wrote it before this blog started so t’s not on here. If people want to see it though I will post


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8 responses to “Moab is my Washpot- Stephen Fry

  1. I’ve not read any Fry yet, but like you I really admire his work. He’s a very intelligent man and it always great to see him on TV. I think I’ll consider ‘Moab is my Washpot’ as a starter to Fry. It would be excellent to read about his life, he seems like such a fascinating person, the way Oscar Wilde was.


  2. lucybirdbooks

    I’ve only read this and The Liar but at least in comparison to The Liar I think this is a good place to start, it’s not as complicated. He is well worth reading whatever though!


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