A post not about the hop! And an explanation.

I feel bad that the last 2 posts are blog hop posts. Not that it’s bad that I participate but it looks like I do nothing else! I should have another review up some time this weekend and then things will look better right?

I suppose this is why other bloggers do all those memes. Well I suppose that’s something I could do but it’s not something I want to do. I must admit when I see a blog where there are more memes than there are reviews it puts me off. It can be interesting to know what people are reading or looking forward to, or books that people have enjoyed, but at the same time the primary reason I look at a book blog is for reviews and when I have to wade through a load of memes first I honestly just an’t be bothered. You’d really have to do something special to make me ignore my dislike of memes.

I guess in a way why I’d saying this is to explain why my blog doesn’t have as much as other blogs, because I don’t like content for contents sake, and if I started doing memes I would feel like that is what I was doing,

So there we go, a post not about the hop, and an explanation!

Have a nice weekend all.


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6 responses to “A post not about the hop! And an explanation.

  1. Ha ha, how funny you apologize! It’s your blog, you can put on it what you like!

    I also don’t like too many memes. I do always do Friday Blog Hop and It’s Monday! What Are You Reading but I use them as pointers to the more interesting blog posts – I always have about 3 or more reviews in a week.

    I actually like your review (above this post) a lot. Keep them coming!


  2. lucybirdbooks

    lol I suppose it is a bit silly. But it doesn’t feel quite right to be saying here read my blog when there’s been nothing new since last week.


  3. No, you’re right. You have to consider your readers.


  4. Hi. I found you on the blog hop and stopped by to say hello. The question of memes bothers me too. I wish I could read fast enough to blog 3 or 4 titles every week like some people do, but I just can’t. And like you, I don’t want to fill my blog up with other stuff. I take part in the hop most Friday’s but I’ve only tried other memes once or twice. When I realized I was doing it just to fill up space I decided not to do them anymore. The people who tell you how to be a good blogger say we should blog every day and I feel bad that I don’t, but I think the people who read my blog read it for the reviews and I feel I’m cheating them if I’m making up things to say when I don’t really have anything. Maybe that will change when I have more experience blogging? Anyway, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Have a great weekend.


  5. lucybirdbooks

    I’ve heard people say about blogging every day before. I don’t see how anyone can do it and make their posts meaningful. I mean memes might be appropriate in the sense that they talk about books but I’m honestly not that interested in them most of the time. Even on my personal blog I don’t think I could blog every day, I just don’t have enough to say- and that’s when I have no restrictions on topic!


  6. I’m with you about the memes. The only one I do is the Blog Hop and I’ve been considering taking a break from it. But when Friday rolls around I have too much fun doing it so I just go on and post. I do make sure I have other content up. I wouldn’t want my blog to be all memes either. I hardly glance at other blog’s non-blog hop memes. I feel there’s too much good original content to read to bother with most of the memes.


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