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I’ve looked at a lot of blogs this week. I’m following a few But I want to point to:

The Perpetual Page Turner which is pretty much what I want a book blog too be. There’s actually a focus on books. There are some memes but unlike some other blogs I’ve visited they don’t drown out the reviews, and they actually seem to tell us something about books.

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  1. Aw thank you for your kind words! When I started book blogging I was really excited to connect with other readers and find good books to read. I had such good experiences with Goodreads by way of the College Students group there that I thought book blogging would be the same. What I found was kind of the opposite. It seems like a popularity contest and seeing who can get the most followers and comments. It is sad. I want to connect with other readers and find out what they are reading and what they think about books & other book related things. I’m glad that you share this idea! I’ll be following your blog for sure!


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