The Path to the Lake- Susan Sallis

Synopsis (from Amazon)

Viv’s marriage to David was not a conventional one, but when he died – in an accident for which she blamed herself – it was as if her whole world had collapsed around her. She escaped by running, mainly around the nearby lake, which was once a popular place of recreation but was now desolate and deserted. It became both her refuge and her dread. But through the misery she made some unexpected friends – a couple in the village whose family needed her as much as she needed them. And gradually, as a new life opened up, she could confront the terrible secrets which had haunted her and which could now be laid to rest.


This book was ok, nothing special but easy to read and it show signs of turning into something which kept you reading. Unfortunately although you found out more about these hints it never really came to anything, the secret was never really revealed although it was fairly obvious to me by the end what it was. It could have been to much more if the secret was built on and when it was never even explicitly revealed I was disappointed. In parts it felt a little like the work of Linda Gillard, but where Gillard’s work has a sort of poetry this doesn’t flow the same and I didn’t feel the same connection with the characters. I found the whole connection with the doorknob a little confusing, and, to be honest, it was kind of pointless, a plot line that didn’t need to be there, it felt more like Sallis was trying to add some excitement to the book but didn’t know how to. I found the prologue badly written and was confused by the relationship between George and Nellie, the way it was initially written made it sound (to me at least) like he was her stepfather it was only later, and after a fair bit of confusion that I realised she was his girlfriend!


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