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I thought that as I have joined in the Blog Hop this week I’d let you guys know about the new blogs I have found and liked the look of. They’re all over at Blogger (which is a bit of a shame because it makes following my comments a it difficult) and some I’ve discovered directly from the list and others from looking at the blogs of people who have visited here.

Never Fading Wood this is probably the favourite at least immediately. I found a lot I visited were full of memes, and while one or two memes are good, and maybe can tell you a bit about books too many are discouraging, at least for me, because I’m interested in reviews most of all.

The Betty and Boo Chronicles it was this entry that made me follow this blog really. I’m quite interested in the cooking topics too but it took a bit too long to find an actual review.

A Novel Review I like the articles on this blog, which seem to be similar to the musings about books that I post every once in a while but more frequent, one is even on the same topic as my latest musing! I’m also noticing  and that she has read a few books I have so think we may have similar taste

Escapism through Books‘ review of Hugh Lawrie’s The Gun Seller was so passionate I couldn’t not bookmark it!

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