New things

So I’ve been thinking about reading new things. The sort of books you don’t usually approach, or maybe turn away from. The Complete Polysyllabic Spree got me started on this line of thinking. It’s always been something I’ve been kind of interested in, after all if you never try something how can you know if you will or will not enjoy it? I do try books I wouldn’t normally look at too. I’m taking part in The Rory Gilmore challenge over on The Book Club Forum, although I’ve mainly tried things I have some interest in, just not as much as others. It has kind of spurred me on to read books that I only had a inkling of interest in.

As for books I wouldn’t even consider normally I am not sure where to start. So I’m hoping those of you reading this out in internet land can help me. What books have you read that have surprised you? Or have you ever read an amazing but relatively unknown book? Let me know!

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