Sunrise- Rosie Thomas

Cover of "Sunrise"

Cover of Sunrise

Synopsis (from Amazon)

It was a love forbidden but never forgotten. When Harry Cotton returned to Wales, Angharad Owain found paradise – despite her father’s violent warnings against the Cottons of Llyn Fair. For she and Harry were in love, untouchable. Until a shocking revelation drives Angharad to flee, pregnant and penniless, to London. There, struggling to make a new life for herself and her child, she resolves to put the past behind her, joy and heartache alike. But neither time nor success can banish her memories. In the end, Angharad must confront the sinister shadows that lie between her and Harry – the man she will always love, but may never have…


Rosie Thomas seems to really have a skill for setting a scene, I could almost see the Welsh hills and villages as she described them, it was something I noticed with The Potter’s House too when I read that. I’ve lived in Wales which probably helps but I don’t think that’s all of it.

That wasn’t the only similarity I saw with The Potter’s House. Both had female characters who you half despised and half pitied. I felt more attached to the characters in this book somehow. I thought the main character was rather nieve, even when she had grown up, and I so often wanted to shout that she was making a mistake. Harry I didn’t trust, even towards the end when I think the reader was meant to trust him. I never really trusted him, even before the secret got out.

I did find it a little predictable in parts, her relationship with Jamie in particular. And I had a inkling of what the secret may be. I think if we had got the same shock as Angharad it would have been better.


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