All Together Dead- Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris' All Together Dead

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Synopsis (from Amazon)

Sookie’s beginning to get used to being surrounded by all varieties of undead, changeling, shapeshifting and other supernatural beings – but even she has her limits. She’d really like to take a while to get over being betrayed by Bill, her long-time vampire lover, and get used to her new relationship with the sexy shapeshifter Quinn – but instead, she finds herself attending the long-planned vampire summit, the destination of choice for every undead power player around, as a sort-of human ‘Geiger counter’ for Sophie-Anne Leclerq, vampire queen of Louisiana. But the job is fraught with difficulties. Sophie-Anne’s power base has been severely weakened by Hurricane Katrina, and she’s about to be put on trial during the event for murdering her king. Sookie knows the queen is innocent, but she’s hardly prepared for other shocking murders: it looks like there are some vamps who would like to finish what nature started. With secret alliances and backroom deals the order of the day – and night – Sookie must decide which side she’ll stand with, and quickly, for her choice may mean the difference between survival and all-out catastrophe.


Hmm I think this has been my least favourite book so far. There was a fair bit going on, but all the events seemed to be over and done with quite quickly in a way they hadn’t been in previous books, it was only in the last hundred pages or so that I actually felt it has got going.  On the plus side we seem to have got back to plenty of Eric, which makes me smile, but he’s not himself, I wish his relationship with Sookie hadn’t changed, but maybe it will go ack, already it’s better than the last book. I do wonder about this book and how much of it was planned before Katrina, I think it would have worked without it, maybe it happening just gave Harris a good plot device, but she could hav used something else for the same purpose.


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