New Moon- Stephenie Meyer

Cover of "New Moon (The Twilight Saga, Bo...

Cover of New Moon (The Twilight Saga, Book 2)

Synopsis (from Amazon)

I stuck my finger under the edge of the paper and jerked it under the tape. ‘Shoot,’ I muttered when the paper sliced my finger. A single drop of blood oozed from the tiny cut. It all happened very quickly then. ‘No!’ Edward roared …Dazed and disorientated, I looked up from the bright red blood pulsing out of my arm – and into the fevered eyes of the six suddenly ravenous vampires. For Bella Swan, there is one thing more important than life itself: Edward Cullen. But being in love with a vampire is more dangerous than Bella ever could have imagined. Edward has already rescued Bella from the clutches of an evil vampire but now, as their daring relationship threatens all that is near and dear to them, they realise their troubles may just be beginning …


Ok first off I want to establish I am not a Twilight fan. I find the books pretty insubstancial and plot driven (which is not a bad thing for everyone, but is for me- having said that I would rather read a plot driven book than a book with no plot 99% of the time). I knew lots of people who had read them before I picked up the first one, a lot of them hadn’t thought much of them but still seemed sucked into them, and I was intrigued. I’m not going to put a review of the first book here but lets just say I didn’t see anything special, still the plot had got to me enough to be interested in seeing what happened next. That I didn’t want to spend money to read the next one, and that it took over a year for me to be able to read New Moon should tellyou something. I could go on and on about the things I generally dislike about the books (Bella being somewhere at the top of the list) but I’m just going to focus on this book.

Most people seem to say this book is poorer than the previous but I actually preferred it. Part of this I think is because I realised early on that actually I hated Edward (I spent too much time hating Bella to realise before I think!). I mean what sort of a boyfriend is he. He claims to love her but at the same time lets her get closer when he’s ‘dangerous’ (highlight for spoiler) and knows he has to leave, for God’s sake he gives her a sentimental present the day before he leaves her! I much prefer Jacob, he seems to care for her a little beyond ‘I man I protect woman’ type mentality, in fact for this book he’s quite advanced in terms of how he sees women and himself. I found the whole (highlight for spoiler) werewolf thing must more interesting than the Vampire thing too. I was intregued at what changed at that age, and why there weren’t more than 5 of them. Plus the Vampires were never really a risk, whereas they were so much more volatile.

Basically I would pick Jasper any day of the week over Edward (even if he does ‘dazzle!’) (actually I would probably pick Eric, but that is neither here nor there). Even if it was just for a story.


Oh and you know what else annoyed me, she kept comparing them to Romeo and Juliet…just on a literary level that offends me! Let alone on a romantic level
(I do agree with Edward about Romeo though!)

Oh and you know what else annoyed me, she kept comparing them to Romeo and Juliet…just on a literary level that offends me! Let alone on a romantic level
(I do agree with Edward about Romeo though!)


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