The Cure for Death by Lightning- Gail Anderson-Dargatz

Cover of "The Cure for Death by Lightning...

Cover of The Cure for Death by Lightning

Synopsis (from Amazon)

The remote Turtle Valley in British Columbia is home to fifteen-year-old Beth Weeks and a community of eccentric but familiar characters. There, amidst a stunning landscape of purple swallows and green skies, strange and unsettling events occur: children go missing, a girl is mauled by a crazy bear and Beth too is being pursued…The Cure for Death by Lightning is a rich and thrilling novel, as filled with strange deeds and dark fears as with beauty and magic.


For some reason I remembered this book being described to me as a fantasy book. I suppose it does have some fantasy elements, but despite some odd events the story actually feels quite realistic. It did take me a while to get into this story, in fact I was probably about half way through before I really started enjoying it. However by the end I was really enjoying it. I had really got attached to the characters, especially Beth and Billy. Sometimes I thought Beth was being stupid about things but that just made her realistic, and made you want things to turn out right for her even more. Even the characters who I didn’t feel attached to I did feel deeply about (if those are the right words). I hated to father, the mother I thought was a bit of an idiot. I quite liked Dan. Initially I disliked the style of writing, I found it a little old fashioned but by the time I got into the story that didn’t really matter, and it seemed to fit with the setting of the book. I want to read another by her now.



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